British Museum – “Ancient Lives – New Discoveries” exhibition


“Ancient Lives – New Discoveries” British Museum’s exhibition is extended until 19th of April 2015.

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Think you know mummies? Think again…

This exhibition will introduce you to eight people from ancient Egypt and Sudan whose bodies have been preserved, either naturally or by deliberate embalming.

Using the latest technology, the exhibition will unlock hidden secrets to build up a picture of their lives in the Nile Valley over a remarkable 4,000 years – from prehistoric Egypt to Christian Sudan.

From a priest’s daughter to a temple singer, a middle-aged man to a young child, a temple doorkeeper to a woman with a Christian tattoo, find out how they lived and what happened to them after they died. Using interactive technology, discover new information about each mummy, from their state of health to how they were embalmed and preserved. Unravel the mysteries of mummification and gain a unique insight into these people’s lives.

IMA Solutions is making the 3D content and 3D imagery of the 8 mummies.

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Montréal-du-Gers – 3D Scanning


Discovered in 1987 and supervised by the Museum de Toulouse, the paleontological site of Montreal-du-Gers is one of the major paleontological site discovered from a century in France. Datation is 17 millions years ago.

On the site are many animal fossils. Since its discovery, thousands of fossils have been excavated, more than 90 species of vertebrates have been listed including 50 species of mammals, reptiles and birds. 4 new species have been listed:

  • Ampelomeryx ginsburgi
  • Hispanotherium beonense
  • Hyotherium lacaillei and Eurolistriodon tenarezensis

Remarkable in its paleontological  richness, the site has a big heritage value.

IMA Solutions made several 3D scanning of the fossils being excavated to grab their spatial position on site. They can be putted in their geological context.

Musée des Beaux-Arts & Archéologie de Besançon


IMA Solutions was in charge of all the 3D digital media production of the “La momie aux amulettes” exhibition understanding:

  • The CAT scan datas analysis of the two Egyptian mummies « Seramon » and « Anhkpakhered ».
  • The data processing of the two Egyptian mummies CAT scan datasets understanding the segmentation of the different tissues (bandages, soft tissues, bones, amulets,…).
  • The virtual extraction of the amulets of the Seramon mummy and their rapid prototyping at scale 1 to 1.
  • The 3D scanning of the sarcophagus to grab the 3D geometry and textures.
  • The making of the 3D movie “Secrets de momies” showing the virtual exploration of the two Egyptian mummies.
  • The making of the interactive app to explore and make the interpretation of the papyrus housed at Le Louvre of the “Seramon” mummy.

Musée Saint-Raymond – 3D scanning



IMA Solutions performed several 3D scanning acquisitions of the Roman era collection from the Musée Saint-Raymond in Toulouse. These 3D acquisitions gave us the opportunity to test and confirm concepts of virtual realignments of artworks fragments. These 3D acquisitions are also used for conservation purposes.

Also, we made a 3D down sized replica of the “Hercule killing Geryon” marble panel for blind people. They can now explore by touching the replica, better understanding this artwork.

South Africa – Cradle of Humankind – Little Foot


Since January 2009, IMA Solutions made several 3D scanning missions in South Africa on the Sterkfontein and Kromdraai archeological sites. These sites are part of the “Cradle of Humankind” UNESCO site.

These expeditions are conducted in collaboration with Pr. José Braga from CNRS FRE 2960 Bioanthropology laboratory, Pr. Ron Clark from Witswatersrand University, geologist Laurent Bruxelles from INRAP, Dr. Gérard Subsol from LIRMM Laboratory and Pr. Jean-Pierre Jessel from IRIT Laboratory.

What have been done so far :

  • 3D scanning of the Little Foot Australopithecus fossil inside the Sterkfontein cave before its excavation. All anatomical links of the bones have been recorded in 3D.
  • 3D scanning of the Kromdraai archeological site using long range 3D scanning.
  • 3D scanning of the hominid fossils of the Broom room collection housed in Pretoria.

 These missions conducted us to 3D scan in hard environments inside caves. We were able to validate many new concepts in 3D scanning in difficult situations.

Musée Fenaille – 3D scanning


Musée Fenaille in Rodez: the most important collection of statues-menhir in France.


IMA Solutions performed the 3D scanning without contact acquisitions of several statues-mehir of the Musée Fenaille collection in Rodez. These acquisitions have been made at an accuracy of 0.1 mm with realtime texture grabbing. The generated 3D models can be used in many applications:

  • 3D interactive exploration by the audience
  • Numerical corpus creation of the collection
  • Scientific studies
  • 3D replicas creation

Museum de Toulouse: 3D scanning


IMA Solutions performed 3D scanning acquisitions of several fossils and bones from the Museum de Toulouse using xray tomography and surface scanning.

These 3D high definition acquisitions give the opportunity to the researchers of the museum to perform 3D dimensional measurements and structural analysis. The generated 3D models are also used to produce interactives and digital media productions for the audience.

British Museum – Mummy: Secrets of the tomb


Produced in 2008, the British Museum’s exhibition “Mummy: The Inside Story – Secrets of the Tomb” pushes the limits of 3D visualization. The exhibition, housing more than 100’s of ancient artifacts from the Egyptian collection explore the life and death of the priest Nesperennub. The opening of the exhibition is a 20 minutes 3D stereoscopic movie made by IMA Solutions and Windfall Films. This movie let the audience explore in 3D stereoscopy the ancient egyptian mummy of the priest Nesperennub. Thanks to our 3D scanning xray technologies, it is even possible to travel inside the mummy to discover hidden charms and to decifer the hieroglyphs of the cartonnage of the mummy.

> Virginia Museum of Fine Arts trailer

> Presentation of the exhibition by John Taylor, assistant keeper at the British Museum

My experience of IMA Solutions is that they are professional, hard-working and comitted to making challenging projects a great success. They also understand the parameters of working in the cultural sector and were respecful of the British Museum’s objects at all times and fully understood the need to maintain the Museum’s reputation through the display of international touring exhibitions.

Amanda Mayne
International Touring Exhibitions Manager
The British Museum

We have this wonderful story of an ancient civilisation, but really the thing that makes the difference is that delicious collision between ancient civilisation and 21st century technology. 3D imaging, MRI scanning and an absolutely outstanding film I think really made the difference.

Ian Galloway
Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Museum

IMA Solutions was in charge of :

  • Xray CAT scan acquisitions of the Nesperennub Egyptian mummy.
  • 3D data processing and segmentation to explore virtually the mummy.
  • Virtual extractions of the charms hidden into the mummy.
  • 20 minutes 3D stereoscopic ultra high definition movie production for 4K Sony projection systems.

Exhibition « Mummy : Secrets of the Tomb » & 3D movie « Mummy : The Inside Story » :

– Brisbane Queesland Museum, Brisbane, Australia : from 19th of Avril 2012 to 19th of August 2012
Website :

– Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, USA : from 19th of November 2011 to 12sd of March 2012

 Mummy: The Inside Story » book  2012 edition by John Taylor available on amazon.

Discovery Channel – Meet the Elephant Man


IMA Solutions pushs the limits of 3D to make come back to life virtually Joseph Carrey Merrick aka “The Elephant Man” using new technologies like 3D scanning digitalization, xray tomography or even 3D biomechanic simulations to create the 3D shots of this 90′ Discovery Channel documentary.

> Look at Elephant Man’s autopsy,the 3D model production 


“Just who was Joseph Merrick and why is he still such a medical mystery? Using pioneering 3D technology the Elephant Man walks and talks for the first time in over a century and with the help of 3D laser scans, ultra sounds and digital technology we discover what really killed him. Accompanying us on the journey is Brian Richards, a modern-day sufferer of Proteus Syndrome.”

Production: Windfall Fillms pour Discovery Channel/Channel4
Director: Marc Radice

Under the name « Elephant Man Autopsy »on Discovery Science US.

Muséum de Toulouse – Préhistoire[s]:l’enquête


«Préhistoire[s] :l’enquête» exhibition from Museum de Toulouse is changing the visitor to a CSI expert. The visitor is send back in time on a crime scene from the Mesolithic era: the Teviec sepulture. Following thematic areas (environment, anthropology, DNA,…), the visitor will find clues to resolve the crime scene and understand how people were living during the Mesolithic era.

> Exhibition teaser from National Geographic

IMA Solutions was in charge of the 3D digital media productions :

  • 3D xray acquisitions of the two skeletons of the sepulture.
  • 3D rapid prototyping at scale 1 to 1 of the skeletons for the autopsy table of the exhibition.
  • 3D animations for the interactives.

Saint-Front de Domme cave- 3D scanning


We made the 3D scanning of the engraved mammoth of the Saint-Front de Domme cave in Dordogne to make a scale 1 to 1 replica for the exhibition “Giants from Ice Age” at Parc de la Préhistoire de Tarascon. This replica shows the importance of animal representation in art during Prehistory.

The high definition 3D scanned model is also a digital backup. It will serve on the future to compare to new acquisitions to see the state of conservation.

Musée des Augustins – 3D scanning


IMA Solutions 3D digitalized the “Méléagre” sculpture from german sculptor Philipp Jakob Scheffaeur. This digitalization can be used for 3D interactives or 3D physical replicas for blind people.