Eternal Life – Hong Kong Science Museum


In the past, the only way to investigate Egyptian mummies was to unwrap them, damaging their fragile remains. However, advances in sophisticated imaging techniques have allowed us to virtually explore their wrapped bodies, eliminating the need to disturb their coverings. This exhibition employs the latest Computerised Tomography (CT) scanning technology to study Egyptian mummies in the British Museum’s collection, allowing researchers to gain new insights into the funerary traditions in the Nile valley.
This exhibition introduces six Egyptian individuals who lived between 3,000 and 1,800 years ago. In addition, 200 objects and digital visualisations of the mummies demonstrate how non-invasive CT scans allow archaeologists and other specialists to determine the age and sex of the mummified bodies, and to explore them, such as the diet, state of health, mummification process and religious practices of the ancient Egyptians.

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