3D scanning for The British Museum

Winged Sphinx - The British Museum - Numérisation 3D

IMA Solutions 3D scanned in high definition 27 artworks from The British Museum collection for India & The World: A History in Nine Stories and Age of Luxury exhibitions.

These 3D scanned artworks models are used for making the digital media. Visitors can also explore these 3D models on the dedicated exhibitions websites using the SketchFab platform like here with the India & The World exhibition webpage.

3D scanning for the MUCEM

Numérisation 3D - Chapelain Hospitaliers - Musée Granet

IMA Solutions performed high definition 3D scanning of two artworks for the MUCEM:

  • A marble sculpture of a priest from Musée Granet.
  • A marble of “Louis XIV à cheval” from artist Pujet housed at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Marseille.

These 3D scans will be integrated in a next MUCEM exhibition.