Digital Restoration – The Goddess – José Clara

La Déesse - José Clara

IMA Solutions has realized the infra-millimetric 3D digitization of the original plaster sculpture “The Goddess” of the sculptor José Clara. This original dating back to 1909 kept in the reserves of the Musée des Augustins was selected by the inhabitants of the district of Place Mage in Toulouse to be installed.

The original plaster can not be placed outside and being damaged (collapse and cracks), decision was made to carry out a high-definition 3D digitization and a 3D digital restoration to create a 3D model of the work conforming to its original state. This 3D model was then sent to the company Lithias which made the replica of a very high fidelity in Lavoux stone thanks to a stonemasonry robot and a hand finish.

Inaugurated on September 10, 2018 on the Mage Square renovated by the Mayor of Toulouse, this sculpture is a concrete example of the possibilities offered by new 3D technologies and the digital preservation of heritage.