Microbiote – Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

Exposition Microbiote - Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie

Shifted and uninhibited, the exhibition Microbiote will explain to you without taboo everything you have always wanted to know about your intestines without ever daring to ask: after a complete and detailed visit, organ by organ of the digestive system, you will discover the amazing small people who live in your bowels – its composition, its functioning and its essential role for health – and can take advantage of valuable tips to keep your microbiota in shape.

IMA Solutions has created the interactive 3D interactive pedagogical system “Explore our insides” based on a 65-inch 4K multitouch interactive table and Inside Explorer technology.

Visitors to the Microbiote exhibition can explore the digestive system of the human body through real-life data from medical imaging (CT scanner).

Visit the website of the exhibition Microbiote.

3D digitization – Guéret Museum of Art and Archeology

Petit Cheval - ARCH.145

3D digitization of the Heritage for the Guéret Museum of Art and Archeology.

IMA Solutions has realized the high-definition 3D scanning of works from the Guéret Museum of Art and Archeology collection for the realization of 3D prints that will be used to create an educational kit.

This teaching kit will be used for the mediation of collections in the schools and colleges of the city of Guéret during the renovation phase of the Museum.

Printed in 3D by powder sintering (SLS 3D printing technology), the faithful 3D prints of the works can be manipulated by the students of the city.

These 3D models are visible and can be downloaded for free on the Sketchfab account of the Museum.