Discovery Channel – Meet the Elephant Man


IMA Solutions pushs the limits of 3D to make come back to life virtually Joseph Carrey Merrick aka “The Elephant Man” using new technologies like 3D scanning digitalization, xray tomography or even 3D biomechanic simulations to create the 3D shots of this 90′ Discovery Channel documentary.

> Look at Elephant Man’s autopsy,the 3D model production 


“Just who was Joseph Merrick and why is he still such a medical mystery? Using pioneering 3D technology the Elephant Man walks and talks for the first time in over a century and with the help of 3D laser scans, ultra sounds and digital technology we discover what really killed him. Accompanying us on the journey is Brian Richards, a modern-day sufferer of Proteus Syndrome.”

Production: Windfall Fillms pour Discovery Channel/Channel4
Director: Marc Radice

Under the name « Elephant Man Autopsy »on Discovery Science US.

Muséum de Toulouse – Préhistoire[s]:l’enquête


«Préhistoire[s] :l’enquête» exhibition from Museum de Toulouse is changing the visitor to a CSI expert. The visitor is send back in time on a crime scene from the Mesolithic era: the Teviec sepulture. Following thematic areas (environment, anthropology, DNA,…), the visitor will find clues to resolve the crime scene and understand how people were living during the Mesolithic era.

> Exhibition teaser from National Geographic

IMA Solutions was in charge of the 3D digital media productions :

  • 3D xray acquisitions of the two skeletons of the sepulture.
  • 3D rapid prototyping at scale 1 to 1 of the skeletons for the autopsy table of the exhibition.
  • 3D animations for the interactives.

Saint-Front de Domme cave- 3D scanning


We made the 3D scanning of the engraved mammoth of the Saint-Front de Domme cave in Dordogne to make a scale 1 to 1 replica for the exhibition “Giants from Ice Age” at Parc de la Préhistoire de Tarascon. This replica shows the importance of animal representation in art during Prehistory.

The high definition 3D scanned model is also a digital backup. It will serve on the future to compare to new acquisitions to see the state of conservation.

Musée des Augustins – 3D scanning


IMA Solutions 3D digitalized the “Méléagre” sculpture from german sculptor Philipp Jakob Scheffaeur. This digitalization can be used for 3D interactives or 3D physical replicas for blind people.