Founded in 2008 and located in Toulouse, France, IMA Solutions is an expert company in the fields of 3D digitization of cultural and scientific heritage and its promotion to the general public through the creation of interactive immersive and educational applications. For more than ten years, IMA Solutions works with the biggest French and international Museums such as The British Museum, Le Louvre Lens, the Arles Antique Museum, the Acropolis Museum of Athens, the Museum of Toulouse,…

IMA Solutions offers Museums, Science Centers and Archeology and History Laboratories innovative solutions for 3D digitizing their collections or archaeological sites via certified scanning systems from the aeronautical and medical world: short and long range high precision 3D scanners, X-ray tomography (medical helical scanner), microCT, optical and electronic microscopy … 3D scans are made without contact with the work and non-destructively.

3D data processing is performed on our premises on our high-performance computing stations to obtain your high-definition 3D models.

IMA Solutions is then able to offer you innovative technological solutions to enhance your collections:

  • creating interactive educational applications for the general public.
  • Management of your Sketchfab account to display on the web 3d models.
  • Virtual restoration of works of art through our digital sculpture chain.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality for the visualization of works of art, archaeological sites, historic buildings, …
  • 3D facsimile creations by 3D printing or good material 3D machining.

IMA Solutions is a member of CLIC France and has received the RNCI Heritage and Innovation Award 2016.

IMA Solutions in the press and media: