Montréal-du-Gers – 3D Scanning

Discovered in 1987 and supervised by the Museum de Toulouse, the paleontological site of Montreal-du-Gers is one of the major paleontological site discovered from a century in France. Datation is 17 millions years ago.

On the site are many animal fossils. Since its discovery, thousands of fossils have been excavated, more than 90 species of vertebrates have been listed including 50 species of mammals, reptiles and birds. 4 new species have been listed:

  • Ampelomeryx ginsburgi
  • Hispanotherium beonense
  • Hyotherium lacaillei and Eurolistriodon tenarezensis

Remarkable in its paleontological  richness, the site has a big heritage value.

IMA Solutions made several 3D scanning of the fossils being excavated to grab their spatial position on site. They can be putted in their geological context.