Musée des Beaux-Arts & Archéologie de Besançon

IMA Solutions was in charge of all the 3D digital media production of the “La momie aux amulettes” exhibition understanding:

  • The CAT scan datas analysis of the two Egyptian mummies « Seramon » and « Anhkpakhered ».
  • The data processing of the two Egyptian mummies CAT scan datasets understanding the segmentation of the different tissues (bandages, soft tissues, bones, amulets,…).
  • The virtual extraction of the amulets of the Seramon mummy and their rapid prototyping at scale 1 to 1.
  • The 3D scanning of the sarcophagus to grab the 3D geometry and textures.
  • The making of the 3D movie “Secrets de momies” showing the virtual exploration of the two Egyptian mummies.
  • The making of the interactive app to explore and make the interpretation of the papyrus housed at Le Louvre of the “Seramon” mummy.