summary of the project

3D digitization

3D Laser Scan and X-Ray Tomography

Interactive Multimedias contents


Musée des Beaux-Arts, Besançon



3D Scanning and multimedias contents for the exhibition “la momie aux amulettes”

IMA Solutions was in charge of all the 3D digital media production of the “La momie aux amulettes” exhibition understanding:

  • The CAT scan datas analysis of the two Egyptian mummies « Seramon » and « Anhkpakhered ».
  • The data processing of the two Egyptian mummies CAT scan datasets understanding the segmentation of the different tissues (bandages, soft tissues, bones, amulets,…).
  • The virtual extraction of the amulets of the Seramon mummy and their rapid prototyping at scale 1 to 1.
  • The 3D scanning of the sarcophagus to grab the 3D geometry and textures.
  • The making of the 3D movie “Secrets de momies” showing the virtual exploration of the two Egyptian mummies.
  • The making of the interactive app to explore and make the interpretation of the papyrus housed at Le Louvre of the “Seramon” mummy.
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