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A wide range of services in 3D scanning, 3D data acquisition, digital media and consultancy.

3D scanning acquisitions

3D scanning gives you the possibility to grab the 3D visible external shape of an object. Our systems are non destructive and non contact. Short or long range 3D scanning systems can be used depending on your project. 3D textured high definition models can be created.

  • Accuracy : up to 30 µm
  • Resolution : up to 0,1 mm
  • Texturing : 24 bits sRGB calibrated, 100% exact

volumetric 3d scanning

Volumetric 3D scanning is based on xrays technologies like tomography (CT) and microtomography (microCT), MRI or confocal microscopy. We get 2D image stack slices of the objects. Using our algorithms we can create the 3D complete shapes of the objects. These techniques are non invasive and non destructive. It is possible to:

  • make 3D renderings (3D images or 3D animations) of the object in its entire volume managing the opacity, the transparency, the lightning, the shadowing, the color, the slicing planes to see inside the object,…
  • extract virtually objects.
  • generate 3D polygonal models from voxels for use in third party softwares like 3DsMax or Maya.
  • get high x,y,z accuracy up to 7µm for microCT and up to 0,3 mm for medical CAT scan.
  • texture the objects depending on their material densities.

digital Prototyping & machining

  • Following the 3D data acquisitions, we can provide you with a wide range of services regarding to your project needs:

    • Digital rapid prototyping using additive or substractive techniques (3D printing, 3D computer guided machining) to get exact 3D replicas in different materials and finishes.

3D digital content & digital sculpture 

IMA Solutions is housing a complete 3D digital sculpting platform for the creation of high definition photorealistic 3D models :

  • 3D reconstructions of missing objects parts using 3D virtual sculpting techniques.
  • Digital Media (3D interactives, augmented reality, mobile interactives & apps, 3D movies and imagery).
  • Virtual manipulation of objects assemblies with haptic systems.
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