rx medical technology to see through –

the X-Ray tomography 

X-ray tomography or microtomography offers the oppurtunity to see inside objects. The object is digitized in its entire volume. It is possible to segment virtually regions of interest by their density differences.

Depending on the object size and the requested accuracy, we use medical CT scanners or microCT equipments.

With X-ray Tomography & microCT, it is possible to:

  • explore and analyze objects in 3D
  • segment areas and region of interest hidden into objects
  • generate 3D printable models
  • create interactive 3D realtime applications
  • create 3D animations and renderings

Data processing is done on our high performance workstations using state of the art VGStudioMax 3.5 software from Volume Graphics GmbH company we are in partnership with.


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