An immersive experience –

3d virtual tours  

360 ° virtual tours allow visitors to immerse themselves in an existing space (remote or in situ), fictitious or bygone in the case of a temporary exhibition that has ended.

This virtual space is a way of accessing a place differently, by implementing various contents which make it its experiential richness.
Indeed, all kinds of content can be integrated: texts, HD images of objects, manipulable 3D models, sounds or audioguide content, live guided tours, videos, external web content, enriched documents …

This mediation is also a technique of digital archiving (safeguarding) of a space, a means of enhancing over time the work carried out by a team in the case of a temporary exhibition for example.

We are able to offer solutions allowing:

  • multiplatform deployment (web, mobile, desktop …)
  • the organization of online guided tours
  • to have extensive usage statistics
  • gamification, storytelling or visit personalization according to given themes.

Exhibition “Wisigoths, Rois de Toulouse” of Saint-Raymond Museum (archeology) of Toulouse

Permanent exhibition of Arles antiquities Museum – Arles

Emmanuel Bornstein “3 letters” exhibition at Departemental Museum of Resistance and Deportation of Toulouse

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