summary of the project

360° virtual tour to be done independently

Interactive and multimedias contents

Integration of manipulable 3D models


Antiquities museum – Arles



360° virtual tour of the permanent exhibition of Antiquities museum of arles

IMA Solutions took high-resolution 360 ° photos as well as the interactive application to offer the possibility of visiting the entire permanent exhibition independently.

Ima Solutions and Digiscan3D have been working with the Arles antiquities conservation team since 2014 on the 3D digitization of its collections. The immersive and interactive technique of the virtual tour makes it possible to integrate all this recourse favorable to the mediation accumulated over several years. You can therefore stroll through the permanent exhibition, zoom in on details not visible to the naked eye, have content enriched by the mediation and conservation team, manipulate 3D models via the Sketchfab account …

This virtualization of the permanent exhibition space is a contemporary means of making it accessible, digitally archiving its exhibitions and offering enriched mediation whatever your location in the world.

Visit the exhibition by clicking here

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