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Musée du Quai Branly, Jacques Chirac – Paris



360 virtual tour of the exhibition ” on the road to chiefdoms of camero0n “

The Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac inaugurated on April 5, 2022 the exhibition ” On the road to the chiefdoms of Cameroon

On the road to the chiefdoms of Cameroon : From the visible to the invisible” is dedicated to the art of the communities settled on the high-altitude plateaus of Grassfields, in west Cameroon. Monumental architecture, foundry, bead creations, wooden sculptures, textile production, traditional dances… A unique and historic heritage, carefully preserved for centuries by traditional chiefs. Almost divine figures, these chiefs are the main custodians of this heritage, the guarantors of both tradition and the connection between the world of the ancestors and that of the living.

In a collective effort to safeguard and promote traditional heritage, and in collaboration with the association La Route des Chefferies, the exhibition showcases some 300 works, including 260 treasures conserved by several chiefs and family lineages. Interspersed with works by contemporary Cameroonian artists, it highlights the cultural influence of chiefdoms on contemporary art and the living dimension of this heritage through a visitor circuit designed to take you to the heart of Bamileke society.

Ima Solutions realized the capture of 360° High definition panoramic pictures of this exhibition as well as the application in order to provide the mediation with a broadcast tool for this exhibition, particularly for schools in Cameroon.

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