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Numérisation 3D Haute définition

Plateforme SketchFab


BMI, Epinal



High Definition 3D Scanning – EPINAL IML

The companies IMA Solutions and Digiscan3D have been entrusted with the delicate mission of high-definition 3D digitization of the Gospel according to Saint-Mark from the intercommunal multimedia library of Epinal (France).

The capture of its volume by short-distance scanner as well as the high-definition photo shooting to capture the colors and materials allowed the reconstitution of the volume of this manuscript, whose goldsmith’s binding consists of vermeil, semi-precious stones, engraved ivory …
The restitution is posted online on the sketchfab platform, freely accessible by clicking here.
This 3D model of the Gospel can be shared on social networks, freely downloaded and reused.
IML of Epinal plans to 3D print this model to allow accessibility of the copy of the work for the visually impaired people.

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