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Museo Egizio, Turin



Secrets of archeologic technics

The Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy, inaugurated the temporary exhibition “Invisible Archeology” on March 12, to be visited until January 6, 2020.

This innovative exhibition, characterized by the use of numerous multimedia supports, celebrates the meeting between archeology and science. Throughout the journey of excavation, diagnostic analysis, restoration and conservation, the visitor is invited to discover unknown information about ancient Egypt, to look beyond what is visible.

IMA Solutions realized the 3D exploration of the two Egyptian Khâ and Merit mummies as well as the mummy of a cat from data from a medical scanner (X-ray tomography). The processing of the scanner data made it possible to carry out the 3D virtual unwrapping of the mummies and to extract virtually the jewels placed under the bandages. Replicas of these jewels and gold ornaments were made by 3D printing on a scale 1 and are presented to the audience in the exhibition space.

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