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Interactive Table for virtual exploration

3D sculpture of an human body

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Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie,




Inside the entrails

Shifted and uninhibited, the exhibition Microbiote will explain to you without taboo everything you have always wanted to know about your intestines without ever daring to ask: after a complete and detailed visit, organ by organ of the digestive system, you will discover the amazing small people who live in your bowels – its composition, its functioning and its essential role for health – and can take advantage of valuable tips to keep your microbiota in shape.

IMA Solutions has created the interactive 3D interactive pedagogical system “Explore our insides” based on a 65-inch 4K multitouch interactive table and Inside Explorer technology.

Visitors to the Microbiote exhibition can explore the digestive system of the human body through real-life data from medical imaging (CT scanner).

Visit the website of the exhibition Microbiote.

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