Prehistoric skeletons 3D scanning

3D printing

Virtual crime scene



Natural History Museum , Toulouse (France) 



3D scanning and 3D printing for a prehistoric crime scene

«Préhistoire[s] :l’enquête» exhibition from Museum de Toulouse is changing the visitor to a CSI expert. The visitor is send back in time on a crime scene from the Mesolithic era: the Teviec sepulture. Following thematic areas (environment, anthropology, DNA,…), the visitor will find clues to resolve the crime scene and understand how people were living during the Mesolithic era.

> Exhibition teaser from National Geographic

IMA Solutions was in charge of the 3D digital media productions :

  • 3D xray acquisitions of the two skeletons of the sepulture.
  • 3D rapid prototyping at scale 1 to 1 of the skeletons for the autopsy table of the exhibition.
  • 3D animations for the interactives.

The exhibition then has been hosted at the Espace des Sciences of Rennes (France) from April to August 2014.

production for this museum

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