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Cradle of Humankind, South Africa




Laboratory AMIS CNRS UMR5288



3d serving paleontology – the site of kroomdraï, south africa

“About 3 million years ago, a period began which gradually led to the emergence of the first humans approximately 500,000 years later. Following drying up across Africa, the large family of Australopithecus will gradually disappear. The latter will be replaced by the first humans (genus Homo) and paranthropes (genus Paranthropus), both more specialized in their respective ecological niches. A little before 1 million years, the paranthropes will disappear. Only humans will survive. We humans today – Homo sapiens sapiens – are their descendants. “

IMA Solutions supports the “Kromdraai” project led by Professor José Braga, University Professor in Human Paleontology at the AMIS CNRS UMR5288 Laboratory and by Professor in Human Paleontology Françis Thackeray from the University of the Witswatersrand in Johannesburg.

IMA Solutions is participating in short-distance high-precision 3D digitization efforts of the fossils found at the excavation site, allowing researchers to better understand the great history of Human Evolution.

Learn more about the research carried out on the archaeological site of “Kromdraai” here:

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