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Musée Saint-Raymond, Archeology museum of Toulouse



interactive exploration of a visigoth necropolis

The Saint-Raymond Museum (Archeological Museum) in Toulouse inaugurated on February 27, 2020 the exhibition “Visigoths – Kings of Toulouse”.

This exhibition allows the public to approach an often overlooked period of Toulouse history: Toulouse (Tolosa) was the royal residence of the Goths around the 5th century AD.

IMA Solutions carried out 3D reconstructions of ten Visigothic tombs in a necropolis with 150 burials located in Seysses thanks to data collected by the HADES preventive archeology research laboratory.

An interactive application developed in collaboration with the Opixido agency allows you to explore these ten graves in 3D and learn more about the pathologies and burial modes. Also, the various objects and jewels found in the graves can be presented in their archaeological context.

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